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If you're looking for something specially knit for your baby, or anyone else, check out this etsy site!  The workmanship is top-notch, and Peggy uses all organic yarn (unless you want something else).  You can ask for particular patterns, special colors, fun embellishments.  
Her baby sweaters and hats are sold in 2 stores here in RI, and they're really darling!

She also makes all sorts of fun and pretty hats for kids and adults -- everything from a cloche to a beret to a mohawked Peruvian hat!  Her hats with animal faces on them are big hits.  Peggy also knits with unusual yarns, recycled plastics, and surprising things.  The photos here only show a tiny bit of her work. How do I know all about her?  She's my daughter!

She also is extraordinarily good at henna designs and applications, so if you'd like some decorating (bellies at a baby shower?), contact me or her.

She has also made flower crowns for the spring. They're silk flowers on a flexible crown that double as wreaths. (Here's a friend of hers wearing one.)

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