The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth - For the Best Birth Possible!
I'm very proud of my students -- however their births went, because they made the best, safest choices possible.  
So, because I think consumers should have access to honest and transparent data in order to make good decisions, I'm doing something very unusual here:  sharing my stats.

As of January, 2016, counting 194 mothers, here they are:

How many labors were induced?
Only 6  had their labor induced.
The usual rate of induction in this country is 25%.  (An induction rate of 25% is NOT normal elsewhere in the world, and a high rate is not safe.)

Who caught the baby?
An Obstetrician 38%of the births,
a Certified Nurse Midwife 36% of the time, 
a Licensed Midwife 7% (home births generally),
and 2 Dads (and they handled it beautifully!)
The remaining births were attended by combinations of these HCP (Health Care Providers).

Where was the baby born?
91% of them were in a hospital,
1% in a birth center, and 
8% at home.

And now, a drum roll, please................

Were these births vaginal or surgical?
My students's 
Vaginal rate is 81% and 
Cesarean rate is 19%.

How many of my students used drugs during labor?
19% had drugs (of course) during C-section surgery.
19% used drugs during labor, but still had vaginal births.
62% used no drugs at all, having completely unmedicated, normal births.

I'm working hard to help couples have wonderful, safe, joyful births, and to avoid C-sections.  Choose your doctor or midwife carefully;  there's only so much I can do!  Consider carefully where you want to give birth.  My goal is to get my students' C-section rate down to the World Health Organization's recommended 10-15%.  I'm not there yet, but my 19% is much better than RI's average of 32%!

Curious about RI hospital stats?  Here's the link for the latest!
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